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Breuer, Ascan

Ascan Breuer
German videomaker

participant in
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival 2009

Ascan Breuer

Video title:
The Kurukshetra-Report, 2009, 8:00

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“…Two bodies in battle – mutually smitten in clean engagement. THE KURUKSHETRA-REPORT is an expedition to the nucleus of violence. In cold blood the video peels the flesh to reach the pure core, to make this dumb thing talk point-blank – without mercy.
…Beyond good and evil, beyond issues of morality, empathy and adequacy something remains: a demand that refuses to speak – and which is rejected by us. As a result violence emerges easily in our culture as an enigma, a fascinating phantom – now and ever since: in sports, computer games, film, comic, art, politics, history and sex. As the title implies the cultural time-space-frame of this phenomenon is unlimited. The video traces this tradition in a sinister synthetic manner.”
Amon Brandt