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Ben Shitrit, Haim

Haim Ben Shitrit
videomaker from Israel

participant in
VIP – VideoChannel Interview
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival 2009

[flvgallery video=”http://video.newmediaserver.org/coff/5/shitrit.flv” title=”view video” thumbnail=”http://video.newmediaserver.org/coff/5/img/shitrit1.jpg” width=”480″ height=”360″]

Video title:
“anonymous soldiers don’t tell your mother”
6 minutes, 2004-5

“Anonymous soldiers”, the anthem of the Stern Gang,
an anti-British extreme Jewish underground group which operated in the 1940s, translated into French with spelling mistakes. The text is being recited by a man and a woman, the father and mother of the artist, who are not familiar with the text and who are trying to please their son who has come for a visit. Their recitation is interrupted by their corrections of the spelling and by the mother insisting on giving her son something to eat. The sound is orchestrated to characters camouflaged by desert landscapes digitally sculpted on their faces.