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Yozefpolsky, Masha

Masha Yoselfpolsky
Israeli videomaker

participant in
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival 2009

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Video title:
Noli Me Tangere, 2008, 6:20

Regulated and hypnotized we are indeed normalized into a psycho-physical zombie state of being, order and uniformity. While reality itself, loosing its coherency and certainty on any possible level, our selves are being stolen from us. Within the present distorted world what are the certitudes? What are the navigation principals?
As a nonfunctional zone of multiple reflectors where deconstruction and reconstruction coexist art shifts perception and experience as an alternative survival territory to our mundane reality.

The video film ‘Noli me tangere’ echoing with Kafkaesque nihilism by exposing critical elegy, where poetics of distraction and violence interlaced into hypothetical liberation by nihilum – nothingness as crucial negativity – as mental transformation, therefore a cure.

The intercut between washed out family photographs (picture development in reverse), and extraction of fish eyeballs from its sockets is a violent occurrence of erasure and blindness, but at the same time it is a signifier of possible awakening to ‘suchness’ – a Buddhist term of void and flux, which directs us to experience the existence as such, to experience our own “suchness” directly realizing arbitrariness and indistinctness of reality.

‘Noli me tangere’ questions our assumptions about reality and ourselves and allows us to encounter directly the immense mystery of the arising of our consciousness and of the world.
At the interval between flesh and spirit, within the liminal territory of ‘this and that, neither this or that’, the Son on his way to his Father is an anti-body, who rejects the sickening and defiled world.

‘Noli me tangere’ is a signifier of transformation as it marks erasure as exposure and violent eye – extraction – mutilation / blindness as a vehicle towards critical sight of that which cannot be named.