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Hubert, Louis

Louis Hubert (France)

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Title: Royal Entertainment
2009, 1:00
In this video I gave myself one minute to name in order 28 kings of France from memory. I evoke here my childhood when I often used to dress as a prince and listen to my mother telling me anecdotes of the history of France and its kings of old. I still have a strong interest in history and monarchy which is essential to my identity on both a personal level and as a French man named Louis (!). This video explores two meanings of the term ‘memory’, that of reminiscence of the past, and that of the challenge of committing to memory the royal line. I have chosen to use the format of a game show with a home-made aesthetic, because it echoes the playfulness of childhood. By mixing up received values of ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture I have created a humorous piece which does not place more importance upon either. By working in the space between superficial and serious my work attempts to create a specific and personal poetic vision.