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Shekar, Veena

Veena Shekar (India)
VIP – VideoChannel Interview

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TitlE. We are different because we were made differently
2009, 1:00
It was Martin Luther who said “An earthly kingdom cannot exist without inequality of persons. Some must be free, some serfs, some rulers, some subjects.”
The film is based on inequality in human life. There is economic, mental and physical disparity among people all over the world that each one seems to be a different entity all together. Here a slice of bread is a metaphor for a human and just as the bread slices are treated differently so are humans. We are all made by the hand of god but then why is each one so different in identity?
The bread slices look similar when they are freshly baked but take on different forms after they go through a toaster. Similarly human beings are all the same when they are born but there is a vast difference in them as they grow up. Some become rich some wise and some beautiful while some are ugly, stupid or beggarly.