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Mestrovic, Toni

Toni Mestrovic (Croatia)
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Title: Continuum Continuus (Trailer)
2007, 1:00
Thanks to a specific recording procedure the tape/digital medium absorbs the characteristics of the environment. In the same way that stone is changed through human activity. A series of traditional tools and their application – the way they are employed by hand – partly document the process of house building. The rhythmical exchange of the sounds of stone cutting and carving with the sounds of traditional tools and the noises from the environment (island of Veli Drvenik), along with the visual representation of the arms and body of a middle-aged man who is restoring the building, tell the tale of the patriarchal tradition on the island. But it is just a reserved, monochromatic and elegiac variant, told through the fatherly figure that is working on the old family home.