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Peruzovic, Filip

Filip Peruzovic
videomaker from Croatia


participant in
CologneOFF IV – 4th Cologne Online Film Festival 2008

[flvgallery video=”http://video.newmediaserver.org/coff/4/lab/peruzovic.flv” title=”view video” thumbnail=”http://video.newmediaserver.org/coff/4/img/peruzovic.jpg” width=”480″ height=”360″]


Video Title:
2008, 4:56

One morning, in three parts. The emphasis is on objects instead of actors, and on consequences instead of actions themselves. A film about things that are usually in “the background” of classical cinema.

This video participates in
CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
4th edittion of Cologne Online Film Festival 2008
LAB program series