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Kiess, Holger

project team “Spurensuche”
c/o Holger Kieß


participant in
SFC – Shoah Film Collection 2010

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Video title:

Purane Korakori – old steps
Purane Korakori – Alte Schritte
2006/2007, 33:18 min

20 people from Cologne with different provenances (Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Greece, Turkey and Germany) are seeking traces about the shared history of Romanies and Germans. The search starts in Cologne during the time of National Socialism, goes on to the “Zigeuner-Familienlager/concentration camp for Gypsy families” in Auschwitz-Birkenau and leads finally back to Cologne at present time.
At the center point there are the places of remembrance as well as the people themselves with their different perspectives to previous and today´s history.
The documentary “Purane Korakori – ols steps” is a co-production of the project team.

It was published
• at the 12. German-Turkish Filmfestival 2007 in Nürnberg and was proposed for the Öngören Award for Democracy and Human Rights,
• at the video-lounge of the Cinema Du Reel Paris 2008
• and won the first prize in the category documentary at the Political Shortcuts – Festival Koblenz 2009.