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Dotan, Lital & Perry Eyal

Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry (Israel)

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Video Title:
2005m 10:00

The woman artist bandages herself, tightening thorns to her body. The scene is photographed by the male artist from two perspectives that represent an objective and a subjective point of view.
ISRAEL selection
CologneOFF I
Rhythms of Memory

Video title: Vicious Circle (2005)
A woman is crawling slowly in a stone circle built in a dry river canyon. In an act of self inflicting pain, face down, she is trapped in an endless circular movement.

Video title: Rivka’le
A woman float in the Dead Sea, the bright light makes her body disappear. Arms, legs and head form a dismantled structure. Photographed from a point of view of a woman singing a lullaby to her daughter.

Video Title: Chala Bread Dress
A dress made of chala-bread slices is eaten up by the woman artist who’s wearing it.
Photographed by the man artist from upper point of view, in a way that emphasizes the male gaze on the agonizing, exposed woman.

Viodeo Title: Was It As Good 4 U?
Close-up on face expressions of a woman during intercourse. This video is a part of our occupation with Gender and like the motive of float, it is dealing with the “body remembrance” of trauma and pain.