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Wei, Liu

Liu Wei
Chinese filmmaker

participant in

CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
4th edittion of Cologne Online Film Festival 2008 – off program

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Video title:
Is Fighting Our Machine
2003, 04:10 min

We experienced in the past an era when life was full of revolution and fighting, when class struggle dominated society. In modern-day China, we rarely witness such battles, but the struggle continues. In the commercial society we now live in, money has become the dictator ruling people’s lives. It has become fashionable to pursue wealth.
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Video title:
2003, 4:09

Nowadays, the expansion and prevalence of Chinese media is taking place while common people cannot resist it or even really sense it. Moreover, the political high pressure and supervision also makes use of media as a kind of propagating means under strict control. The media are ceaselessly spreading the exaggerated propaganda materials and lies to the whole society, and of course, all of them have been exaggerated a lot. As a result, these materials erode people’s self-perception and consciousness imperceptibly.

Looking back, it is not surprising to see the monopoly role that China’s media has played in this special period. On the screen, there come fluttering flags, flying sparks of molten steel, rippling wheat and joyous faces. All these seemingly happy pictures are understood and accepted as a kind of reality. The media, like a virus in the air, making many people have no way to resist its wide and huge coverage. Therefore, it corrodes man’s own sensibility.