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Domonkos, Bill

Bill Domonkos (USA)
participant in
VIP – VideoChannel Interview
CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival 2009
VideoChannel Cologne – Found Footage!

[CologneOFF V]
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2008, 4:31
A haunting and sublime meditation on the dimensionality of time, anxiety and the potentiality of fate. “Berenice” an experimental film that combines manipulated archive film footage, computer animation and special effects, inspired by the short story of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe.

[found footage! – CologneOFF IV]
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Lu Deux Fois

2008, 3:11
The mirror image of an object or two-dimensional figure is the virtual image formed by reflection in a plane mirror; it is of the same size as the
original object, yet different.
“Lu deux fois” is an abstract/experimental film that explores the poetry of image and sound combining layers of archival medical/scientific animation, live-action and digital animation.

[CologneOFF IV]

Video title
2006, 4:43

A night painting inspired by the music of Tchaikovsky and the words of Percy Bysshe
Shelley. “Nocturne” a seductive, surreal dreamscape that transects the bounds of
live-action, digital animation and archival footage.

[One Minute Film Collection]
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Title: Wormwhole
2008, 1:00
A young boy encounters a wormhole while relaxing by a stream.