My name is Scot

My name is Scot
videomaker from Canada

participant in

VIP – VideoChannel Interview
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival

Video title:

The Wild Goose
2009, 3:06

The Wild Goose is from a series of videos called Hunt & Gather, which examine the real and imagined behaviours of human and animal populations as they both struggle to survive in an increasingly challenging and competitive global environment. Diminishing resources, disappearing eco systems, and the pandemic spread of disease between species is further straining the already fragile relationship between creatures sharing the planet. The recent wave of “Eco –Awareness” appears to be little more than a wild goose chase; markets continue to expand at the expense of migratory routes. As our fate becomes more obviously entwined with the fate of other species and the battle for the last remaining scraps of habitat, food, and water becomes more desperate, can we be sure that ‘we’ will be the ultimate survivors?

The Wild Goose posits the violent downfall of humans from the top of the food chain. Peaceful co-existence can no longer be taken for granted; we shall now reap what we have sown. Sides have be taken, the lines have been drawn, and like it or not, the hunter has now become the hunted.