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Einarsdottir, Unnur Andrea

Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir (Iceland)

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    video title: Toilet
    (2005), 3:50
    A woman, dressed in a pink night dress and high heels, is licking a toilet seat covered with whipped cream and candy, with sexual intensity.

    Video title:
    2005, 5:31

    An old woman is sitting on a chair. Various types of pastry is
    attached to her clothes and hat and she is surrounded by four
    relatives. She makes no move while her relatives use her as a plate,
    eating the pastry off her.

    Many women (especially oldschool housewifes) spend their lifes serving others,
    thinking that that´s the only thing they are good for. We see it as a
    It´s a life of selflessness and humility. From another angle, we might
    argue that everything we do is always essentially done with the
    purpose of satisfying ourselves in one way or another, i.e. someone
    elses satisfaction is my satisfaction. Or; my value is measured by
    anothers approval of me. There is a thin line between service and

    This video participates in
    CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
    4th edittion of Cologne Online Film Festival
    Mother program