Trickes, Sibylle

Sibylle Trickes
German videomaker

participant in
VIP – VideoChannel Interview
VideoChannel – German Video Art
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival

Video title:
“cyclic islands: meme´s”- “Zyklische Inseln- Ich und Wir”
2009, 9:00

My video deals with our self-perception. We often act like completely different persons depending on the person we communicate with: We behave diffenrent with our chief or with our family. The different aspects of our personality are represented in my video by only one person . The splitting of one´s self is demonstrated via multiplication of this main character. I pick the entity of a person as a main theme. Are we the same as we were at the age of 13 for example or as we will be at the age of 70? When we are awake or asleep? When we are happy or distressed?
The person in my work finds herself in different situations and surroundings. She meets other aspects of her personality, communicates with them, poses questions and depicts the different variations of the self. The person moves through landscapes and spaces that are partly designed with computer and partly assembled by various real elements. Cyclic elements emerge through little repeated movements. They symbolize the different behaviour patterns we use. I repeat certain actions and set them into different combinations. The fact, that I am the actor in the video makes clear that I show my personal point of view. I use objects of my personal surrounding in the video. But the character in the video and her actions are pretty general, so that it can stand for many other people too.