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Kristiansen, Ulf

Ulf Kristiansen
videomaker from Norway

participant in
VIP – VideoChannel Interview
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival 2009

[flvgallery video=”http://video.newmediaserver.org/coff/5/kristiansen.flv” title=”view video” thumbnail=”http://video.newmediaserver.org/coff/5/img/kristiansen.jpg” width=”480″ height=”360″]

Video title:
The Art Reception, 2006, 11:20

A self biographical black machinima comedy about artistic failure.
A figurative painter holds an art reception. The critics and the audience are less than impressed by his art project (depicting male porn stars) and they tell him so. He does not take the criticism well. He loses his mind completely and starts hallucinating before passing out. In his dreams he gets his revenge. But dreams are short-lived.