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Pernot, Laurent

Laurent Pernot
French videomaker

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    CologneOFF II – Image vs Music
    VideoChannel – French Video Art – (2010)

    (VideoChannel – French Video Art)
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    Video title:
    Still Alives
    2005, 2.34mn
    This project of musical video, by linking the languages of animation and the video compositing, puts in dynamic report a series of old and more recent photographic images, and from various sources (Hungary, Germany, France, Russia, etc). The camera (here virtual) plunges in a luminous child’s face and lets us cross over a sequence of portraits in morphing, and hence, which seem to be animated the ones with the others, like an unique alive flesh… until the rise and the obliteration of each face into the nothingness. Still Alives calls a broad concept about the transmission of life, memory and disappearance. Thus, it tries to propose, by the construction of a poetic universe, an arborescent and universal vision of the human being.