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Riedel, Janet

Janet Riedel, Katja Pratschke, Gusztáv Hámos
German and Hungarian videomaker

participant in

SFC – Shoah Film Collection

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video title:
Fiasco – Fragments based on the novel by Imre Kertész
2010, 30min

Steinig, whose story is told, did survive his own death. Stranded at an unfamiliar nameless airport of a big though strangely familiar city, he is looking for a way to ensure his survival in a system which condemns everyone who has not yet lost faith in individuality and freedom. He has come home – after Auschwitz.
The story is about his new beginning in Stalinist Budapest. FIASCO explores the search for identity and the multiplication of one´s personality under the repression of totalitarianism. In addition the film deals with the perception of time. The story is told in split-screen.
Fiasco is a photofilm (consists of photographs who are related to the novel´s text). Photographs placed in a cinematic context create a film-like experience, they let us ‘think’ cinema and offer interspaces).