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Beck-Friedman, Tova

Tova Beck-Friedman
US videomaker

participant in

SFC – Shoah Film Collection

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video title:
At the Altar of Her Memories
2005, 27min

At age seventeen, following her liberation from Bergen-Belsen Bracha Ghilai came to Israel to start her life over. As part of her healing process she established a puppet theater.
Sixty years later, surrounded by her puppets Bracha recalls the dire events of her youth. Through a mix of storytelling, puppetry and archival photographs we experience the anguish of her narrative while she unlocks chapters from her painful past. Her stories range from the heart-wrenching description of her separation from her nephew, Nisan, to the powerful and poignant account of incredible power of endurance, survival and the guilt that accompanies it.
The film is in Hebrew with English subtitles.