Loitzl, Ina

Ina Loitzl (Austria)

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    Video title:
    2007m 2:07

    In front of a larch forest jumps a red and white checked man in leather trousers without any choreography in a circle and he tries to hide his black outs with large jumps supported by the balcony railing in between traditional doll – copies turn around against each other cocks crowing raspilly the bottom is spanked by itself the littler boy gets like in a happy end a so called “healthy” slap in the face .


    Swimming Pamela -Running Ken, 2003, 6:40

    This “Baywatch” – Homage shows Pamela on the beach and David in the sea. Each of them want to save someone’s life the two give their best
    Meanwhile this long lasting action the lifesaver have enough time to think about their part and function as a performer


    Title: Snow-white and red like a rose
    Trick animation video with sound / 5’ / 2005


    Title: The Souls in My Breast, 2004