Alba, Elia

  • Elia Alba (Domincan Republik)
  • biography

    video title: If I were a…
    2003, DVD; 3:52 minutes
    In collaboration with Nicolás Dumit Estévez

    In this video, a male performance artist tries on three “bodysuits” that carry the distorted image of my own body in the guise of three different “races”: white, black and mixed. While I was born in the US, both my parents are from the Dominican Republic. My racial history or mix comes from the island’s racial makeup. Manipulating the color of my own body through computer technology and enlarging genitalia and other body parts associated with particular racial categories, I present myself in the guise of three “crudely placed together” races. Throughout the video, the male performer, wearing a mask of my face, “uncomfortably” enacts the gesture of “trying on” these female bodysuits. The body images and the gestures underscore the precariousness concepts of race.

    She participates in
    CologneOFF I
    gender identity
    Rhythms of Memory
    R. van Benteghem