Gwiazda, Henry (solo)

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CologneOFF 2011 – videoart in a global context
February 2011 – solo feature

Henry Gwiazda (USA)
US media artist

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    A Dollhouse is….
    05:48 (2007)

    a doll’s house is…… is a work which explores the artistic connection between movement that occurs in an apartment building, other units in that building and the exterior world. It shows that each motion, whether it is made by human, animal, object, light or sound, is connected and extended by other motions to compose a phrase, a sentence of great artistic interest.For example, a man is exercising in his apartment. As he makes one gesture, another gesture is made in an apartment next to his-which is connected to a light which gets turned on in another part of the building-which is connected to a sound which occurs somewhere else. Each movement by itself is meaningless, boring, cliched. But seen as one component of a larger artistic phenomenon, it becomes important, meaningful.


    4’58” (2009)
    Is there something more beautiful than us?
    The process is about the process of life, of our passage of discovery, the results of action versus non-action. you can never go back The lights represent past actions, thoughts, things we move away from to go forward.


    7’34” (2009)

    How do we become history?


    2’03” (2009

    How do our motions affect others and our surroundings?


    from nothing – an idea
    1’43” (2009)
    What does an idea look like?


    the smallest changes
    2’03” (2009)

    How small can change look like?


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