Schiavo, Christine

Christine Schiavo
US videomaker

participant in
VideoChannel – US Video Art – 2010
curated by Alysse Stepanian (USA/Iran)

Video title:
“”Fear of the Saveloy Moon”
2007; 6:27

” Fear of the Saveloy Moon ” is one of twelve chapters in the cinematic Fable titled ” Rivetgirl “.It follows the journeys of a Chaplin-esque female figure in search of a meaning and identity in a super-real world. In this chapter, the ‘ Rivetgirl ‘ seems to trapped in a hypnotic, recurring dream –
where images appear then quickly re-invent themselves and mysterious actions echo throughout.
It is at once magical and menacing. An undercurrent of beauty and tension weaves a false sense of security in a realm suspense.
” Fear of the Saveloy Moon ” is a mostly improvised scenario made from layers of video and still images projected onto live actors and translucent sets, and uses props and shadow play. After filming one full hour of video, the tape is placed into a malfunctioning video camera and uploaded
to a computer. Because of the malfunction, the footage automatically and randomly ‘re-edits ‘ itself in a different way each time this is done. “Fear of the Saveloy Moon ” is one version. The music chosen is both soothing and menacing and absolutely defines what the end video will feel like.