Arno’, Alessandra

Alessandra Arno’
Italian videomaker
participant in

VideoChannel – Italian Video Art by Visual Container
curated by Giorgio Fedeli


Video title:
Play, 1:03, 2008

“This video investigates the human conditions, contradictions and unawareness. It can be approached according to several interpretations
At a first look, we meet a man gesticulating in an empty space, as if involved in a game, while a background of singing children can be heard
In fact, we are facing a fomer khmer rouge who is re-acting the very same gestures he used to do in the jail where he was working in his youth.
The sound we’re listening to is just the march of war usually sang by the children after being drilled to kill in the Cambodian fields.
A parallel does arise between the children’s games and the actual childhood of the ex khmer rouge which was spent on committing the most heinous crimes with no consciousness at all.
The pictorial image of the video is a tribute to one of the few survivors, who was a painter at the time and is now showing what was happening inside the killing fields of Phnom Phen _ now a Museum _during the Pol Pot age. ”