Ushchenko, Oleg

Oleg Ushchenko
Ukrainian video art


participant in
VideoChannel – Ukrainian Video Art
curated by Yarina Butkovska (Lviv/Ukraine)

Video title:
2006, 1 min. 25 sec.


Film is shot with DVCAM in genre video-poetry.
Real genius is always different. He can be brutal, with hard temper,
but, even his negative streaks can become apparent in a totally different
way then of ordinary people. I wanted to reproduce the complicated spirit
of genius. This clip I was creating to a counterbalance of sound-pop, and
glamour, trying to prove that the clip can be interesting also in poems.
Elements ‘Nu’ are used for strengthening of a visual contrast with background.

On titles:

He modeled God while being in a good mood, then sold the clay to devil,
and drank sour beer in a dirty café. Played the buffoon, touched tits,
crawled under the table, but not like you, because he is the genius.