Fuderer Levak, Željka

Željka Fuderer Levak (Croatia)

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    Video title:
    “Planet Spa”
    2008, 5:09

    Once in every 5-6 days i put my beauty mask on my face.That makes me feel preatier after i peel it off. During the drying of that mask on my face i wonder about results,wonder and thinking about many things.I believe i will look much nicer afterwords.I like to believe that.It is kind of daydreaming.This video has two actions-one is time while im waiting mask to dry and im doing ussual things,second is time in wich im thinking bout something else=that time is shown on my face in mask,time when i recorded wild animals at Zoo,with my Motorola mobile phone.I mixed video camera recording and Mobile phone recording,becouse it has different resolution,but you can see both results at the same time.Maybe i was not even there-maybe that is what PLANET SPA effect does.

    This video participates in
    CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
    4th edittion of Cologne Online Film Festival
    LAB program series