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Mundy, Owen

Owen Mundy
US videomaker
participant in
VideoChannel Cologne – Found Footage!

[flvgallery video=”http://video.newmediaserver.org/2009/12/mundy.flv” title=”view the video” thumbnail=”http://video.newmediaserver.org/2009/12/img/mundy.jpg” width=”480″ height=”360″]

Through a Glass Darkly
2008, 12:30

Through a Glass Darkly is a single channel video installation of landscapes from popular films that depict conflict. The chronological compilation relies on the influence of cinema to access a collective memory of images of war. While peaceful, they are frightening moments in their original context, used to contrast tranquility with chaos, beauty with destruction, and property with the actions that attempt its acquisition. Seen in this form, they remind the viewer that war is violent and chaotic while questioning the idea that conflict is a means to an end.