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Briffa, Vince

Vince Briffa
Maltese videomaker

VideoChannel – Video Art from Malta

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Spiral: Athlete

SPIRAL is a work that centers on the current debate on the posthuman condition and queries the way we are trying to re-design the body through the technologies we ourselves create in constant pursuit of higher physical and mental achievements and better results.

On one level, the work presents an insight into the performance-graph of a sportsperson’s lifecycle and focuses on the relatively short career of the player through the eyes of an ex-athlete, ex-footballer and ex-water polo player. On another level, it queries the multi-tasking capabilities of the human brain when compared to its machine counterpart – the computer. The work, therefore, juxtaposes in parallel fashion advances in current technologies that re-shape the body and brain.

SPIRAL shows video interviews conducted with ex-sportspeople who in some way have left a mark on the Maltese and to a lesser extent, the international sports scene. These people fondly reminisce magical moments that, to them, only sport can offer and recount first-hand experiences some even going back to the first Olympic Games after the Second World War. These interviews are edited in such a way as to emulate a multi-screen computer aesthetic, with multi visual and audio clips.

The visitor will therefore, through this work, become the ‘user’ of the piece and relate simultaneously with a large amount of data on the limited surface of a screen.

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Title: Spiral: Guardian
2004, 7:00

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Spiral: Mock