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Lemeh42 (Italy)
Italian videomaker


participants in
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CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
4th edittion of Cologne Online Film Festival 2008 – LAB program series

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Video title:
Study on landscape & time: the Korsakoff’s syndrome
2008, 4:20

This video analyzes the relationship between time and landscape. Usually we tend to associate the study of time to the study of space in the calculation of speed. This association of terms is useful only if we have to calcolate speed.
In all the other cases is better to use the term landscape. Time in fact is the human perception of the earth evolution movement and landscape is the physical space covered by a human person.
This study examines in its specific this relation applied to an airport during a one day time covering. The airport has an area of 1000mts squared. The day last 1440 minutes. The video shows the results of this relation of time and landscape applied to the chosen field of analysis. These results find explication in the Korsakoff’s syndrome, a degenerative brain disorder.

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Title: Image de la Plaine
September the 20th 1986
Few times a week we used to go to visit my grandparents in an other village five kilometers south from where we lived. My grandparents were nice people, old farmers very friendly and hilarious. They were my mother’s father and mother and even if she used to say that they did not treat her good when she was a kid I had nothing against them. They lived in an old house in the countryside with lots of animals. I remember that single day because while my mother was chatting with her mother and my grandfather was out, I sneaked into my uncle’s room and by chance I found under his bed a porn magazine.