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Nichols, Toban

Toban Nichols
US videomaker

participant in
VideoChannel Cologne – Found Footage! (2009)

[flvgallery video=”http://video.newmediaserver.org/2009/12/nicols.flv” title=”view the video” thumbnail=”http://video.newmediaserver.org/2009/12/img/nichols.jpg” width=”480″ height=”360″]

2008, 6:28

Battlestations! was created from the remnants of a videotape. It comes directly from the pixels that show up at the end of a video recording while it switches over to the next video, like when we used to tape over old episodes of Friends or Seinfeld before Tivo came along. Using the video as a base, I wrote a story to go along with what I saw on the screen adding sound effects, music and a character to act out parts of the story. ArtForum contributor and critic, Glen Helfand wrote about the work, it is included below.