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Matilla Alonso, Felipe

Felipe Matilla Alonso (Spain)

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    Video title:
    El Camino – The Way
    2008, 12:00

    Susana is in bed but she can not sleep. She feels depressed and lonely. She is thinking of killing herself. She is now at the bathroom and in despair she draws a red cross on her image in the mirror as trying to erase herself.
    At that moment something happens into his mind. It is as if she were diving deep into her head. Susana is now standing next to a railway. She is staring straight ahead at a dark tunnel as if it was her own life. She puts her foot on the railway line and starts walking on it trying to keep her balance. She falls down and seems to remember something behind her in time. She turns and looks at the railway/time/way behind her.
    In Susana’s mind we travel on the railway to past. In past is a ten year old Susana walking on the railway line. She is carrying a bottle of wine and she drops it to the ground. The young Susana feels worried and waits for the night to come.
    At night Susana gets into home but her father was waiting for her. Her father asks her for the bottle of wine and Susana runs upstairs. Susana’s father reaches her and as Susana tells him that she dropped the bottle of wine her father strikes her with his belt.
    The young Susana and a friend of hers are playing/walking on the railway line. The train is coming behind them but Susana does not walk out. She turns to wait for the train to run over her. At that moment somebody grabs Susana’s hand and takes her off the railway. It has been the adult Susana who has saved the little girl. The adult Susana embraces the girl and smiles. Susana has saved her own little girl.

    We are back and see the adult Susana in front of the mirror again. Susana is now aware of something she had had locked in her mind. Susana puts out her cigarette and erases the red cross over her image. Now she feels better. She feels she must take care of herself.
    Susana is in bed sleeping peacefully. She is dreaming. She dreams about herself walking through the tunnel from darkness to light.

    This video participates in
    CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
    4th edittion of Cologne Online Film Festival 2008
    OFF program