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Magsamen + Hillerbrand

Magsamen + Hillerbrand (USA)

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    Video title:
    2008, 3:30

    The green glow of perhaps some high tech night vision technology cast a shadow over
    strange forms as suspenseful and tense music that would be heard in any action thriller
    movie pushes the viewer closer and closer tothe edge of their seats. Heightened anxiety,
    homeland security, surveillance and technology tohis piece takes an absurd and sarcastic look
    at the excessive use of surveillance today.
    Only at the end does the viewer realize that all the suspense was for a simple glow stick in the artists’ mouths illuminating portions of their own bodies.


    Video title
    Force Fields
    2008, 3:30

    Forced Fields is a video that explores ideas about the pressures of daily life and motherhood through the playful use of the children’s toy, an inflatable balloon. Using balloons as an alternative material to project into, onto and around, the image transforms into mesmerizing spheres of personal and psychological interaction. The balloon, filled with the artist’s own air, becomes an object that both separates child from mother and separates them. It is a thin, transparent membrane that is simultaneously delicate, mutable and explosive. Are mother and child in a sweat symbiotic dance together or a fight to break apart? It is a lens that examines not only the roll of the photographic image but our lives as mother, father and children as well.


    2. Video title:
    “Cheese Puffs”
    2007, 2:00

    “Cheese Puff” is an experimental video about our relationship within the context of the ultimate junk food, cheese puffs. We live in a middle class American town with a Super Wall Mart and numerous fast food restaurants. In this work we plunge through water and cheese puffs, while never touching. The cheese powder and oils eventually fall from the puffs making the water cloudy and thick. Through the use of irony we explore our relationship with each other and our culture. Additional footage includes images of our shoot in our garage referring to backyard sporting events such as backyard wrestling in Middle America.

    These video participate in
    CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
    4th edittion of Cologne Online Film Festival 2008
    OFF program
    LAB program series
    Mother program