Lan, Ane

Ane Lan
Norwegian videomaker
participant in
CologneOFF IV – Here We Are!
4th edittion of Cologne Online Film Festival 2008 – LAB program series

Video Title:
2004, 04:04

A woman, dressed in seemingly traditional costume, is singing a song in which she expresses her qualms about joining the EU, hoping for a better future in solitude. Her duplicate, on the contrary, is more than willing to bargain away for a membership. But finally, after finding something disturbing at the bottom of her dowry chest, she realizes the true consequences of the membership.



Video title:
2007, 4:34

A seemingly “native” woman, sitting outside her hut, is preparing a meal for her guest.
The guest, a white female lying on her sickbed, is ambiguously accepting the favours given her
by her hospitable hostess. The “medicine” provided for her illness however, does not
seem to have an effect.

Through simple tableaux’s and clichés, this short work is examining the psychological
aspects of the post-colonial relationship Europe- Africa in the face of illegal immigration